Multi Millet Instant Health Mix

  1. Our Instant Healthmix contains many grains and pulses to provide good nutrition to the body.
  2. Increases Immunity. (Increase immunity)
  3. No need to boil it like Porridge. Can be mixed with Warm Milk or Water. (Add with Hot Water or Milk)
  4. Jaggery is added instead of Sugar.
  5. You can eat this as a nutritious porridge with coffee and tea in the morning.


Health Mix is an Indian traditional food great for growing kids and adults too. Health Mix has all the nutritious ingredients which include Whole Grains,  Cereals,  Nuts and condiments, Mixed Millets, Traditional Rice items, Dhal items, Protein Rich Pulses.

Health Mix called as Sathu Maavu in Tamil is an alternative breakfast even prescribed by doctors for the kids & toddlers who leaves to school in the early mornings.