Multi Millet - Choco Flakes

  1. For the first time, our  Multi Millet Choco Flakes are made with whole Millet with liitle miilet , Barnyard Millet , Foxtail Millet, Ragi  and no  added. Chemical , Maida and preservatives .
  2. Mixture of Millet and Ragi gives good Strength to Bones.(Strong Bone)
  3. Due to the addition of 4 varities of millet, Fiber increases and Flushes out Toxins from the Body. (Remove Taxins)
  4. It is used as an Antioxidant that Protects the cells in the body because it is Mixed with Horsetail (More Anti-Oxidants)

Vitamins Rich:   Vitamins B1, B2, B3 & B6 helps to unlock energy from food and Vitamins B12 & Folate helps Reduce Tiredness & Fatigue. It is a Solid & Nourishing breakfast for you.

Healthy Breakfast & Snaks

Natural Ingredients, No Maida, No added Color, No Artificial Additives...